Managed Inventory Program

Manufacture, certify, stock and release on time – THE EFFICIENT WAY. We synchronize our production control and manufacturing resources perfectly with your MRP or JIT programs. Our managed inventory program will integrate with your blanket-order system, forecast/release program, or auto stocking or pull-system (kanban). Over 60% of our customers do business with us this way!

Testing Assembly & Packaging

We provide full service from machining through assembly, test, packaging, and shipping.

Some of our unique full-service capabilities include
  • Orbit-forming assembly
  • Compressed-air leak-test
  • Nitrogen leak-test (ideal for testing critical valve assemblies)
  • Press-fit and roll-pin gear and shaft assembly
  • Epoxy bonding with oven cure
  • Valve assembly
  • Cell-set and other custom packaging
  • Custom kitting and labeling solutions

Receiving Hours

Monday – Thursday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
No Friday Deliveries Without Prior Arrangement