Precision Machined Parts Since 1962


Efficient Machine Products, Corp. is committed to quality. This commitment is evidenced by our quality systems and procedures and our investments in training, metrology and equipment. We are ISO 9001 certified since 2002. (link to certification page)

Quality Objectives
1. Provide products and services that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.
2. Maintain a formal quality system meeting all ISO 9001 standards.
3. Actively implement process improvement and problem prevention.
4. Encourage employees to help improve the systems that affect their work.
5. Provide training to employees that will enable them to produce quality products.
6. Communicate our mission and quality objectives to all employees.
7. Select, monitor, and work with suppliers to assure conformance to specifications and on-time delivery.

Metrology and Measuring Equipment

• J&L optical comparators
• Mitutoyo RA-114 electronic roundness tester
• Oasis automatic vision-inspection machine
• Flexbar borescope and microscope
• Cognex/Insight custom vision-inspection system
• Mahr-Federal Surftest surface finish tester
• Starret 673 supermicrometer
• Full complement of mechanical measurement
  equipment  including thread gages, plugs,
  micrometers, bore gages, Sunnen & Federal OD & ID



Automatic Vision Inspection Equipment